OKKO CocaComp MKII Compressor Boost


Coca Compressor MK ll


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Coca Compressor MK ll

The Coca Compressor is a studio quality compressor and clean boost pedal.
It doesn’t color your tone but enhances it.

Use it for your clean sound to make it big, tight and punchy without squashing your attack... put it in front of your overdriven amp or overdrive pedals for dynamic singing lead tones, adding sustain but no distortion...
plug in your Piezo-equipped acoustic guitar (or any other stringed instrument) for a fatter, less harsh sound... use it with your bass guitar... the Coca makes everything sound better :-)
The CocaComp also works well with bass guitars. It just makes everything sound better balanced and easier to place in the mix.

The CocaComp’s circuit has nothing in common with the classic grey, red or orange stompbox compressors. Like expensive studio compressors, it works with an optocoupler for smooth and natural compression.

Instead of Attack/Release/Treshold and all the controls, the Coca has only one control for the compression called SING (you won’t miss any of the others).
It works like an "upward" compressor – leaving te attack and strong notes unchanged while amplifying quieter notes and subtleties of your playing and increasing the sustain.

PUSH is the volume/boost control, unity gain is around 10 o‘clock.

New to the MKII is the passive tone control. It can warm up and fatten your tone or make it bright and snappy. The middle setting is neutral.

The low noise design and parts choice for the CocaComp results in an exceptionally
quiet operation – no hiss, hum or other unwanted noise!

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