OKKO Black Beast Fuzz Distortion


Black Beast


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Black Beast Fuzz Distortion

The Black Beast is a massive sounding fuzz/distortion pedal for guitar or bass.
As you can guess from its name, this is not a smooth vintage germanium fuzz but
a modern distortion machine for all kinds of dirty or heavy sounds.

The magic of the pedal is in the knob called KAPUTT (german for broken/out of order). This control changes the gain structure from plain harmonic distortion to all out nasty fuzz. You can dial in the exact sweet (or not so sweet) spot where you have both: great string separation and clarity of chords AND that buzzy, gnarly crazyness we all love a good fuzz for.

This box delivers loads of gain and sustain for days. The active 2-band tone control provides a wide range of sounds – warm or biting, with tight bass or massive low end.

The Black Beast is not based on any of the classic fuzz pedals. I had a really good time designing and tweaking the circuit. Actually, very often I found myself just playing the thing... that’s always a good sign.

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