Cleartone Acoustic Phos-Bronze Custom Light 11-52 (7411)



แบรนด์ : Cleartone


Warm, lush, full-sounding acoustic strings with outstanding sustain are what characterize Cleartone’s award winning Phosphor Bronze series. Ultra high-carbon steel hex core covered in American made Premium Phosphor Bronze, all painstakingly wound together on our custom controlled in-house winding machines. Every string receives our twice patented Cleartone treatment, guaranteed to increase lifespan, volume output, and sustain.

Cleartone Acoustic Phos-Bronze Custom Light 11-52

Strings: 6 string
String Gauge: .011 -
Material: Phosphor Bronze
E1 String: .011p
H2 String: .015p
G3 String: .024w
D4 String: .032w
A5 String: .042w
E6 String: .052w
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