Cleartone Acoustic 80/20 Bronze 11-52 Custom Light (7611)



แบรนด์ : Cleartone


Acoustic strings crafted with a blend of 80% copper & 20% zinc enhances treble and gives your guitar a brighter, clearer tone. Paired with Cleartone's patented EMP treatment, our 80/20 strings will not only outlast any string you've ever had, but also increase your guitar’s volume and sustain by as much as 36% & 48% respectively. Tested under labratory conditions. Satisfaction guaranteed. What are you waiting for?

Light Gauge 80/20 Bronze Coated Acoustic Strings

Hardness: 011"/052"
Winding Type: Round Wound
Material: Bronze 80/20
Core: Steel
String End: Ball End
Country of Production: USA

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