Cleartone Electric Light Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52 (9420)



แบรนด์ : Cleartone


Manufactured using only the highest quality nickel-plated steel wrapped around a high-carbon hexagonal steel core, our patented Cleartone treatment gives you bright, electrifying tones that won't dull with time. Combined with better tuning consistency, increased output, and the longest lifespan of any string out there, what's not to like?

Cleartone Electric Light Top/Heavy Bottom 10-52

Strings: 6
String gauge: .010 - .052
Material: Coated Nickel Plated Steel
E1 String: .010p
H2 String: .013p
G3 String: .017p
D4 String: .036w
A5 String: .036w
E6 String: .046w
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