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RBX Cymbal Bag

Reunion Blues has been making the world's best gig bags for almost 40 years, and the new RBX gig bag line represents a fusion of our passion for quality and the desire to make an affordable, lightweight, and protective gig bag perfect for musicians on the go. The essence of this passion is represented in its sleek aesthetic design, from the Quilted Chevron exterior to the padded Blue Luster lining. The RBX protection system features a lightweight multilayer foam surround and padded internal dividers to keep your cymbals safe and secure. A knurled abrasion grid on the bottom resists scuffing, and a strategically placed internal reinforcement panel increase durability. Padded backpack straps and Reunion Blues' signature Zero-G handle make getting around town a breeze. A large but low profile front pocket includes a removable hi-hat pouch. And best of all, the RBX gig bag features Reunion Blues Limited Lifetime Warranty. The Gig Bag, Reinvented.

Rugged, water-resistant Quilted Chevron exterior
RBX Protection System featuring lightweight multi-layer foam surround and padded cymbal dividers
Knurled abrasion grid on the bottom protect the bag internally and externally 
Zero-G handle 
Padded backpack straps Large low-profile front pocket with internal slash pocket 
Padded Blue Luster lining
Limited Lifetime Warranty

Main Compartment Diameter: 23 in
Hi-Hat Pocket Diameter: 15.25 in
Weight: 2.5lb

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