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The Keeley ECCOS Delay/Looper is a great way to inject your guitar tone with the lush sound of analog tape delay, while reaping the benefits of digital technology. Whether you’re reaching for simple clean repeats or wild, tape-flanged trails, the ECCOS is the right tool for the job. Benefit from true-stereo I/O, presets, a remote switcher, and expression control — all the features you need to integrate the ECCOS into a pro-quality pedalboard. You also get a full-featured looper with reverse and half-speed effects, plus endless layers of recording. The ECCOS employs 24-bit processing and a 100% analog dry audio path to ensure top-shelf sound. Give your playing the enhanced spatial dimension it craves — stomp on a Keeley ECCOS.

Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Stereo Delay, Looper
  • Analog/Digital:Digital
  • Presets:3 x Memory Presets
  • Effects:Stereo Delay, Tape Flange Modulation, Reverse, Half-speed
  • Max Delay Time:1.5 seconds
  • Looping Time:2 minutes (mono), 60 seconds (stereo)
  • Inputs:2 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:2 x 1/4"
  • Other I/O:1 x 1/4" TRS (expression), 1 x 1/4" TRS (tap tempo)
  • True Bypass:Yes, Switchable to Trails
  • Power Source:9V DC Isolated power supply required (sold separately)
  • Height:1.96"
  • Width:2.63"
  • Depth:4.8"

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