Walrus Audio Iron Horse V.3


Distortion Pedal with Level, Tone, and Distortion Controls

แบรนด์ : Walrus Audio


The Walrus Audio Iron Horse V3 is your ticket to meaty, punchy distortion. Park this pedal in front of any amp, and things are guaranteed to get rowdy. An innovative clipping knob blends between different clipping diodes, generating tones not achievable with single-diode circuits. Beyond that, you get Level, Tone, and Distortion controls to shape your sound. With the Iron Horse, there's a flexible amount of gain on tap: it handles high-gain situations with ease, but back off the Distortion knob and it pulls double duty as a thick, warm overdrive. Now in its third generation, the Iron Horse V3 has been enhanced with player-requested features including top-mounted jacks, a soft relay true bypass switch, and a fixed volume drop-off when the distortion knob is at minimum. The Iron Horse V3 is perfect for any rock guitarist who's into chunky rhythms and blistering solos.


Pedal Type : Distortion
Analog/Digital : Analog
Inputs : 1 x 1/4" (instrument)
Outputs : 1 x 1/4"
True Bypass : Yes, Soft Relay Switching
EQ : Tone Control
Controls : Distortion Mode Blending Knob
Power Source : 9V DC 100mA power supply (sold separately)
Height : 2.3"
Width : 2.9"
Depth : 4.77"
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