EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny




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Explore Pitch-shifted, Vast Realms of Reverb
With eight distinct reverb types, plus big creative potential with its expression pedal input, the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny reverb effects pedal is primed for sonic exploration. Effects range from vast cavernous spaces and shimmer reverb with octave up and sub-octave pitch effects to upward and downward pitch bending. Whether you want to add some ambient magic to single note lines or create new sonic textures with sustained notes and chords, you'll find it here. And with other amenities such as an assignable expression input for real-time manipulation, a switchable Tails mode to allow your reverb trail to decay naturally after switching the effect off, and eight user preset slots available for easy recall of your favorite custom effects settings, the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny is the sonic manipulator you've been waiting for.

Stretch switch for momentary sonic elasticity
In addition to the Activate switch, which toggles the effect on and off, the Astral Destiny pedal's Stretch switch offers an entirely new way to interact with your reverb effects. Kick on the Stretch switch to double the length of the reverb tail while also inducing a temporary change in pitch. Toggle it again to return to the original effects setting.

Choose from Tails or true bypass switching
Do you want your reverb tails to decay naturally even after you've turned the effect off? Or do you prefer true bypass switching to completely remove the effect circuit from your signal path when disengaged? Guitarists at Sweetwater are pleased to report the EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny pedal allows you to choose between Tails and true bypass modes to suit your preferences.

Explore new sonic horizons with eight reverb modes
Astral Destiny offers much more than the popular shimmer reverb effect, with a total of eight distinct reverb modes.

Abyss: cavernous reverb effect, no octave effect

  • Shimmer: adds an upper octave to your reverb tail
  • Sub: adds a lower octave to your reverb tail
  • Sub Shimmer: adds upper and lower octaves to your reverb tail
  • Astral: adds upper and lower octaves, plus a regenerating reverb tail
  • Ascend: adds an upward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
  • Descend: adds a downward pitch bending effect, recommended for sustained notes and chords
  • Cosmos: adds a regenerating fifth interval to your reverb tail, recommended for sustained notes and chords

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