Bogner Harlow V.2


Transformer-bolstered Boost with Compression


แบรนด์ : Bogner


Transformer-bolstered Boost with Compression
The Bogner Harlow does more than merely boost your volume. Thanks to its Bloom compression feature, this stompbox also injects your playing with a three-dimensional punch and transparent squeeze that’s guaranteed to perk up everybody’s ears. This pedal’s boost ranges from a subtle, crystalline bump to a meaty, amp-punishing assault. Aside from using the Harlow as a lead boost, many guitarists here at Sweetwater use it as an always-on sonic sweetener. Its custom transformer adds a special something to your tone — a rich, studio-quality sound with smooth playability and ultra-dynamic response that will unleash your most inspired playing. Complete with a compact, pedalboard-friendly housing, Bogner’s Harlow is a great way to juice up your guitar tone.


Bogner Harlow v2 Features:
Bogner-designed boost pedal utilizing a custom transformer
Boost ranges from a subtle, crystalline bump to a meaty, amp-punishing assault
Bloom control dials in a dynamic and transparent compressor
Tone control lets you dial in your ideal sound
Jewel light reacts to the dynamics of your playing
100% analog circuit path delivers excellent touch response
Compact, pedalboard-friendly housing

Tech Specs
Pedal Type:Boost
Inputs:1 x 1/4"
Outputs:1 x 1/4"
True Bypass:Yes
Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)

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