Two-Rock Vintage Deluxe 40 watt Combo Black Bronco Vintage Silver Cloth


Vintage Deluxe, 40 watt combo, black chassis, black bronco,


แบรนด์ : Two-Rock


Two-Rock Amplifiers were founded back in '99 and rapidly climbed their way to the top of the boutique amp food chain. Finding favour with players such as John Mayer, Matt Schofield and Oz Noy, they deliver ultra-high end valve tones perfect for the working player. In 2016 the company was purchased by longtime Two-Rock artist Eli Lester and Operations Exec Mac Skinner who reinstated Two-Rock legend and co-founder Bill Krinard as designer/engineer, completing the Two-Rock dream team! When the chance to stock these incredible amps presented itself, we just couldn't say no.

For 2023 were incredibly excited to announce the Two Rock Vintage Deluxe! This amps takes the golden single channel amp formula and turns it up all the way to 100! It perfectly blends traditional values with Two-Rocks modern design techniques

This 40 watt single channel amplifier is built on a steel chassis and features four 6V6 tubes, its certainly got some power! The control layout feels familiar and is extremely intuitive, if youre used to Two-Rock amps then youll feel right at home! The Vintage Deluxe also features a brand new Texture switch which drastically changes the feel of the amp, it changes from a soft scooped front-end to a faster attack with an increased amount of harmonic content! It also features a revised Tone Stack switch, this allows you to bypass the front panel tone stack and engage a secondary tone stack controlled via a single knob located on the back of the amplifier.

One of the crowning jewels of this incredible amp is the inclusion of a full tube analogue reverb with a bias tremolo circuit. This combo features a propriety speaker which is designed to give you a sparkling top-end whilst retaining a strong low-end thump

The Vintage Deluxe gives you the nostalgic feeling from the golden era of tube amplifiers built in the mid-sixties, with all of the performance, trusted reliability, and unique voice that you expect from Two-Rock.

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