Walrus Audio Defcon4

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From the mind of Ryan Adams comes a new guitar utility with more tricks up its sleeve than a 1980s supervillain. The DEFCON4 works as a preamp and EQ to meticulously craft your guitar’s sound. Bring peace time to your tone and avoid tedious amp tweaking during a set by using the DEFCON4 to easily switch from single coil to humbucking instruments with a quick twist of the rotary knobs. When the Launch switch is engaged, go into DEFCON 1 and activate a searing boost for your guitar.

Use the Low (IV), Mid (III) and High Band (II) rotary knobs to cut and boost frequencies of your signal. The toggle switches will activate or bypass each frequency. When activated, the corresponding illuminated numbers will turn on. Flip the launch switch to go to “DEFCON 1” and activate a 10db MOSFET boost.

The concept came from how Ryan uses his setup live. He plays a Les Paul but when he switches to a lower output guitar like a Strat, he can’t easily get to his amps to adjust. Hence the idea for the Defcon4. He has it all set to where he wants and all he has to do it turn it on and he’s good to go for the next song.

From tone to knobs, Ryan worked very closely with us on exactly how he wanted it to look and sound. “I want this to look like someone from the 80s was pushing the technology they had available at the time.”
-Ryan Adams

Put down your spoon full of Fruity Pebbles and hit pause on whatever episode of He-Man you’re watching. Straight off the PAXAM toy isle and onto your board, the Ryan Adams DEFCON4 is available in a limited edition, special collectors packaging. For the hardcore Walrus Audio and Ryan Adams fan, this special packaging comes with a new custom blister pack, just like your favorite TMNT or GI Joe characters. Also includes limited 8×10 mini poster exclusive to this packaging. Get one while they last!