ThorpyFx THE DANE Overdrive and Booster, Peter “Danish Pete” Honore’s Signature pedal

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From the ground up

This pedal was designed from the ground up by Thorpy FX after being approached by Pete. The Dane doesn’t have quite as much gain as the Gunshot but has been made to allow the nuances of your guitar playing to come through the amp. It’s incredibly expressive and importantly, easy-to-use.

It’s one of those pedals that you can just plug in and easily get a great sound. The boost and the overdrive channel can both be used on their own to great effect, but the pedal really shines when you drive the Overdrive Channel with the Boost channel for bluesy tones with plenty of sustain.


  • Boost – This controls the volume of the boost and how hard it will drive the Overdrive channel which is next in the signal chain.
  • Lows – These will fatten up the low-end of your guitar. Particularly good for making Single Coils sound fatter than before.
  • Tone – This controls the overall EQ output of the pedal.
  • Volume – This controls the volume of the drive.
  • Drive – This controls the gain you’ll get from the pedal. If you keep the gain down and volume up, you’ll have more headroom. If you keep the volume down and the gain up, you’ll have more dirt! Set it to taste.

    Here’s what Peter Honore himself says about The Dane Overdrive and Boost pedal

    “I love Thorpy pedals! They look awesome and they sound amazing. I wanted to create something that would cover all the gain that tones I use, from clean tones with massive headroom to awesome bluesy lead sounds. After playing the Gunshot and the Peacekeeper I asked Thorpy if he could come up with something that would be able to do what I wanted and he said yes…. Enter “The Dane” Drive and boost. It’s not high gain. It’s a clean, expressive and dynamic overdrive. The boost has got a “Low” knob which will make your singlecoils sound super fat which I love. We also made it smaller, so now it has the same footprint as most two button pedals. Easy to get on your pedalboard. Well, what are you waiting for?”

    The Dane pedal is a brand new overdrive and boost from Thorpy FX designed specifically for Peter Honore from our Andertons TV Youtube channel.