Morgan M212V Vertical Cabinet (Twilight)

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We all know the iconic half stack amplifier. A head on a 4×12″ cab has been a staple for the industry for a long time as it hit that perfect balance of size, power and tone. That was until recently and people have started wanting lighter amps that they can easily move around with. Enter the saviour of those rigs, the vertical 2×12″ cab Morgan.

Benefits Of Vertical

One of the reasons a 4×12″ sounds so good is because you have a pair of speakers on the floor providing all of the low end resonance meanwhile the speakers nearer your ear help bring out the best of the high end and midrange. When you go down to a 1×12″ or a horizontal 2×12″ you generally lose a lot of the low end punch that comes from having the pair of speakers working together.

By changing it up for a vertical 2×12″ not only do you have better access to all of your controls but you also have that classic 4×12″ sound in a much smaller and portable form.

Celestion Loaded

Celestion are the kings of the guitar speaker world. Pretty much ever amp maker has used them at some point making them the standard. In this cab you have a pair of G12H 12″ Creambacks which are known for how well they work with clean to crunch and light overdriven tones. For blues, rock, jazz and pop you can’t go wrong with this cab and your favourite Morgan head.

Here’s what Morgan say about the M212V

The half stack has been a staple of guitarists for more than 50 years! The imposing and just cool look of a head sitting on a tall cabinet screams rock and roll. Unfortunately though a 4×12 cab be a heavy and awkward beast that isn’t always the best at clean tones. The Morgan Vertical 2×12 bridges this gap by offering you a cabinet that looks as impressive as a 4×12 but offers greater clarity of clean tones while still staying punchy with your saturated overdriven sounds. The Baltic birch fixed baffle design allows the entire cab to resonate with the speakers giving you greater bass response than you would have with a conventional floating baffle design. The staggered vertical design allows the user to hear themselves better on stage. Loaded with either 2 UK made Celestion G12H75 Creambacks or a Creamback and an Alnico Gold.


  • Open-back extension cabinet
  • Celestion G12H 12″ Creamback speakers
  • Nominal impedance – 8 Ohms
  • Multi-ply Baltic Birch construction
  • Available in Black, Twilight and Driftwood finishes
  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Dimensions:  10.5″ (D) x 24″ (W) x 30″ (H)
  • Weight: 52 lb.