Morgan Amps Tweed 20 Head

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Tighter and Hotter Than a Traditional Tweed

If you want more headroom out of your Tweed-style tube head, then the handwired Class A Morgan Tweed 20 could be right up your alley. Designed to meet the needs of Nashville session players, this versatile single-channel head is Joe Morgan’s take on the ’50s-era 5E3 Tweed Deluxe, with extra headroom for pedals, extra output for bigger venues, and all that classic Tweed sparkle without the low-end sponge and sag. The Tweed 20 features a Morgan-designed tone stack and a voicing switch, hand-selected tubes, and hand-tuned Mercury Magnetics transformers, all housed in a lacquered tweed Baltic birch enclosure.

Tighter than a traditional Tweed

Most Tweed circuits are known for their low-end sag and breakup. The Morgan Tweed 20 from Sweetwater stays tighter, longer, with greater headroom and output. That makes the Tweed 20 a better pedal platform and a smarter option for unmiked venues.

Mercury Magnetics transformers

Hand-tuned, hand-wound, and American made from the same alloys as your favorite pre-1965 amp transformers, Mercury Magnetics transformers endow the Morgan Tweed 20 with satisfying weight and tonal response.

“The transformer is the heart and soul of an amplifier. If your transformer tone is bad, it doesn’t matter what you do to the circuit — you’re not going to have a good amp.” — Joe Morgan

Morgan Amplification Tweed 20 Tube Amp Head Features:

  • Joe Morgan’s take on the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe
  • Tighter, cleaner, and hotter than a traditional Tweed
  • All the sparkle without the low-end sag
  • Makes a sweet pedal platform
  • A smart companion for unmiked gigs
  • Mercury Magnetics transformers provide satisfying weight and tonal response
  • Simple control set: Tone, Volume, Bright switch
  • Hand-selected tube complement: 2 x 6V6 power tubes, 12AT7 and 12AY7 preamp tubes, GZ34 (5AR4) tube rectifier
  • Premium Synergy capacitors
  • Lacquered tweed Baltic birch enclosure