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Magnatone Amps Super Fifty-Nine 2×12 cab

Master Collection 2×12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

Convertible Open / Closed Back design!

Matches the Super 59 head

Lights up! Cover included!

The Super 59 is a killer tube guitar amplifier! This is a killer 2×12 speaker cab to match!

The Super 59 Head from Magnatone Amps is a 45 watt, EL-34 powered tube guitar amplifier. Plenty of muscle and headroom, along with trademark Magnatone Vibrato and Tremolo make it one mean beast! This is the matching 2×12 guitar speaker cabinet for that head. It comes with a special cable that allows the logo on the cab to light up along with the logo on the head. It’s also a convertible design, so it comes with a removable back panel allowing for open or closed back operation. Open Back speaker cabinets tend to spread the sound around the room while closed back cabinets have a more directional sound with a tighter, more focused bass response. The Magnatone Master Collection 2×12 guitar speaker cabinet gives you the best of both worlds.

Master Collection 2×12 guitar speaker cabinet for theSuper 59 head from Magnatone Amps

  • 2x 12″ WGS Speakers
  • 16 Ohms
  • Convertible Back Panel
  • Closed Back
  • Open Back
  • Great Tone!
  • Lights Up!
  • High Quality Cover included!
  • Made in the USA!