Lava Caldera AC Power Cord

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The Lava Cable Caldera™ ultimate power cord is designed by Lava and made by Belden. This cordage combines the best features of Belden 19364 and 83803 to make a true super power cord. Ideal for tube guitar and bass amps, DIY use, as well as all Hi-Fi audio applications, the Caldera™ provides true high-end performance at bargain price. Lava Cable recent A/B tests in our facility showed marked improvement in tone over standard cordage. Made in USA.

  • 12 AWG x 3 (7×20) tinned copper conductors
  • 20 AWG drain wire
  • 100% Beldfoil® shield
  • Rated 300V, 60º C
  • SJT PVC jacket – Red (Oil Resistant)
  • UL/CSA listed, international color code: light blue, brown, green/yellow
  • Wattgate or Marinico connectors with upgrades