Lava Cable Custom shop Kimber Kable 3 ft Speaker Cable

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Lava Cable is proud to announce that it is an authorized user to terminate Kimber Kable 4VS under the Lava Cable name. This cable is made in the USA.
In the mid ’70s while working as a sound and lighting engineer, Ray Kimber, became increasingly disturbed by the buzzing, snaps, pops, and crackles in the sound system which resulted from the high powered lighting used in conjunction with the audio. He set out to solve the problem by constructing speaker cables that would reject noise. The finalized version of his braided wire concept not only rejected the RF noise but allowed the system to sound different, better, musical. While this speaker cable enjoyed upgrades over time, other technologies emerged from the fertile minds and laboratory of KIMBER KABLE, all the time improving and expanding upon Ray Kimber’s original cable concept and design.
The part played by cables in an audio or video system is not to be underestimated. Loudspeaker cables must be able to handle and deliver, with poise, the relatively high voltages and larger currents associated with the amplifier to speaker interface. The quality of the dielectric and conductors in combination with intelligent cable geometries are the most important factors in determining desirable electrical parameters. Through our own OSCaR (Objective Subjective Correlation and Results) engineering process we are able to make the critical link between scientific measurements and listening impressions.
The 4VS Consisting of four gray and four black conductors that utilize our proven braiding technique. The aggregate wire size is two 13 awg conductors. The VariStrand™, Ultra-pure copper conductor used in 4VS is smooth and refined in the midrange and treble, allowing for hours of fatigue-free performance without sacrificing detail making it ideal for amp head to speaker applications for both guitar and bass.