Klotz Cable IceRock IRFM white microphone cable 5m (16.4 ft)

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Need an elegant appearance combined with excellent sound? We’ve got the ideal cable: iceRock. In environments where colour is an issue, like churches, weddings, galas and trade shows, iceRock blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The lead-free PVC jacket is UV-resistant and stays snow-white. And with the new fluorescent additive, it even glows under UV light! The solid, sophisticated twisted-core design offers great torsional resistance and retains its symmetry without compromising on flexibility. Sound quality that’s ice-cold precise plus stylish looks – that’s our iceRock!


  • cable with stylish good looks and superb sound
  • rugged design is ready for tough stage life
  • delivers sound with ice-cold precision
  • fluorescent – glows under UV light
  • UV-resistant jacket – stays white
  • ideal for colour-sensitive environments
  • outer jacket is durable yet flexible
  • sophisticated twisted cores retain their form
manufacturer XLR Neutrik®
XLR design metal
shell/sleeve white
pins silver-plated
colour white
weight 0,4588 kg
length 5 m
packaging cable carrier