Keeley Red Dirt Studio Deluxe Compressor + Overdrive

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Silicon or Germanium Overdrive Compression with Tone and Blend Custom Shop Exclusive

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The All New Red Dirt Studio Deluxe Edition

Our First Drive with Double Germanium Diodes!

The Keeley Red Dirt Studio Deluxe: The New Compressor Plus and Germanium Overdrive Experience

Two-Mode Overdrive:  Choose between the all new Germanium and Silicon overdrive modes.

  • Dual Mode – Silicon Diodes or Double Germanium Diodes!  You choose!
  • The All New Double Germanium side boasts smoother gain, higher compression and more saturation, Perfect for Leads!

Compressor with Clean Blend and Tone Control – Blend in any amount of clean signal for punchy chord work and use the Tone Control to brighten the highs.

  • Plus Features: Tone and Blend – Perfect for Humbuckers and Single Coils!
  • Blend for Manhattan style compressor and Tone for treble boosting.

Design for Pro Boards, Effects Order Switching, and Effect Insert

  • Pedal Switcher Ready!  Simply connect to your pedal switcher with TRS cables and control each side of the pedal independently.
  • Switch the Order of the Compressor and Drive for instant change to feel and response of your combo.
  • Use TRS insert cables to place effects between the Compressor and Drive like phasers, wahs, or other dirt boxes!