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This Comp/EQ Will Make Your Tone Smooth as Silver

With three bands of sophisticated pre-comp boost/cut and a smooth-as-silk compression circuit to squash any bugs in your signal, the Emerson Custom Duke Silver pedal — named after Indiana’s second-most-beloved sax player (our own Chuck Surack being the first) — is a pedal just about every player can benefit from. Whether you’re looking to achieve those ’80s scratch and solo effects or you just want to smooth out a bassline, tonewheel organ, or drum machine, the Duke will take you there. Like all Emerson pedals, every Duke SIlver is handbuilt one at a time in Bixby, OK using the finest parts on the market. An extremely low-draw (14mA) design and single-wide format (two FX for the space of one!) make this unit a smart addition to the choosiest pedalboards. And with custom artwork featuring the man himself, this pedal will definitely win you cool points with the Aprils and art lovers of the world.

Handbuilt from the finest components

Emerson Custom uses only the highest-grade audio components in its Duke Silver compression/EQ pedal. While capacitors, potentiometers, and resistors of the same stated value can vary widely in tolerance, Emerson measures each and chooses the best-matched components for each pedal. Other top-shelf ingredients include USA-made Switchcraft jacks and a 3PDT true bypass footswitch.

Emerson Custom Duke Silver Compressor/EQ Pedal Features:

  • 3-band analog EQ (pre-comp) feeding a versatile analog compression circuit
  • Perfect for subtle sweetening to ’80s guitar effects
  • Convenient single-wide housing
  • Sweet custom graphics
  • Low current draw (14mA)
  • Handbuilt one at a time in Oklahoma, USA
  • Best used with an isolated pedal power supply