Diezel VH2

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Streamlined Version of Diezel’s Legendary Amp Head

The VH2 high-gain, all-tube amp head descends from Diezel’s iconic VH4. Stripping away features that some players found too complicated with the original amp, the VH2 maintains the same wide-ranging tones and monumentally tight gain as its forebearer. As soon as you plug in, you’ll recognize the clarity, muscle, and touch sensitivity that has cemented Diezel as one of the leaders in boutique amp design. Well known for its crystal-clean tones and savage distortion, the VH2 can also deliver studio-quality sound anywhere along the range of the gain control. When it comes to boutique high gain, it’s hard to beat the Diezel VH2 100-watt amp head.

All the best of the VH4

There is no question about it. The Diezel VH4 is one of the truly lauded amp heads of the high-gain world — though some players find its four channels, four effects loops, and MIDI switching a little overwhelming. Diezel has been listening. Their response? The VH2 100-watt all-tube amplifier head. Diezel crammed all the tones of the VH4 into two easily controllable channels on this newer design. Channel 1 sweeps from completely clean to hard rock territory, while Channel 2 starts with drool-worthy high-gain Diezel tones and can take you totally over the top.

Stripped down for the needs of modern guitarists

The first acknowledgment that the VH2 is its own animal is the amp’s simplified front panel. Taking the channel count down to two greatly simplifies your tone-searching process. You’ll find the standard controls for gain, volume, treble, middle, and bass on each channel. And the amp boasts an incredibly transparent series effects loop but has eliminated the headaches that can accompany the VH4’s multiple loops and MIDI switching. One powerful feature that remains is the footswitchable dual master volumes. Simply stomp the included 2-button footswitch to select your channels and get a volume boost to punch through the mix. Easy.

The Diezel legacy

After Diezel released their first tube guitar amplifier head (the VH4), it wasn’t long before they started popping up behind some of the most influential guitarists in the world — not bad when your first design remains your flagship! Guitarists such as Tool’s Adam Jones, Journey’s Neal Schon, and Metallica’s James Hetfield were all early adopters to this new breed of tight precision distortion. Today, Diezel has greatly expanded their line of top-tier amplification. Sweetwater couldn’t be more proud to represent the quality and tone that is Diezel Amplification.

Diezel VH2 100-watt Guitar Amplifier Head Features:

  • High-gain amp head from the lineage of the iconic VH4
  • 2-channel design offers all of Diezel’s legendary tones in a straightforward package
  • 100 watts pushed by a quartet of KT77 power tubes
  • Transparent-sounding series effects loop
  • 2 footswitchable master volumes offer on-the-fly volume boosts
  • 2-button footswitch included