Diezel Big Max

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Amazing Flexibility, Single-channel Simplicity

With the Big Max 50-watt all-tube electric guitar amplifier head, Diezel is going old-school. The amp’s single-channel design is a distant departure from some of Diezel’s other feature-rich designs. But with the Big Max’s shortened signal path, you’re able to access studio-worthy tones that range from country clean to over-the-top metal. And there aren’t words to describe how touch responsive this amp head is. In a world of utilizing stompboxes to fine-tune your sound, the Big Max may be the most desirable Diezel available.

Deceptive flexibility

There are a million ways to run the Big Max to attain your best tone yet. By adjusting its straightforward collection of controls, you can pull up glistening cleans that are an ideal pedal platform. Bring in some gain to control the amp’s voice with your guitar’s volume and tone knobs. Or push the amp’s dirt even harder for a tight high-gain tone that Sweetwater can only describe as Diezel. And around back, a series effects loop lets you get the most from your time-based effects while running the amp dirty.

Tonal purity

What makes so many legendary vintage amplifiers sound and react as they do is their simple signal paths. The Diezel Big Max shares that philosophy. Between the input and power section, you’ll find controls for volume, gain, middle, treble, and bass. You’ll hear and feel every nuance of every note you play whether strumming clean chords or dropping ground-shaking riffs. And you’ll be amazed at how much tonal difference the amp’s High and Low inputs make to this KT77-powered, 50-watt power house.

The Diezel legacy

After Diezel released their first tube guitar amplifier head — the VH4 — it wasn’t long before they started popping up behind some of the most influential guitarists in the world. Not bad when your first design remains your flagship! Guitarists such as Tool’s Adam Jones, Journey’s Neal Schon, and Metallica’s James Hetfield were all early adopters to this new breed of tight precision distortion. Today, Diezel has greatly expanded their line of top-tier amplification. Sweetwater couldn’t be more proud to represent the quality and tone that is Diezel Amplification.

Diezel Big Max 50-watt Amp Head Features:

  • Single-channel tube amp head that focuses on tonal purity
  • Single channel that attains great tone from clean to metal
  • Short signal patch creates a fabulously touch-responsive tone
  • Series effects loop handles all your time-based effects
  • 50-watt KT77 power amp delivers clarity and a massive low end
  • Bright switch helps your tone cut a bit more