Emerson Custom Pro CTS Potentiometer - 250k ohms Short Solid Shaft



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The Emerson Custom Pro CTS 250K Short Solid Shaft Pot offers you precise control over your tone. Emerson refers to their custom-designed taper as, "seamless and very intuitive." When you roll this 250K Short Solid Shaft pot you'll notice a smooth and very accurate response. Emerson Custom hand meters their pots to within an 8% tolerance, ensuring great performance. Guitarists at Sweetwater know that every component in your guitar affects your sound. If you are in need of a potentiometer that allows you to get many different tonal shades from your guitar, check out this Emerson Custom Pro 250K Short Solid Shaft Pot.

Emerson Custom Pro CTS 250K Short Solid Shaft Pot Features:
  • Short Solid Shaft pot usually used with single-coil pickups
  • Smooth audio taper across its whole range
  • 3/8" Solid Shaft for use with 1/4" US Spec set-screw knobs
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