Two Rock The Burnside Head


Head Amp


แบรนด์ : Two-Rock


The Burnside is our version of the legendary wide panel tweed circuit, and combines the dynamics and touch sensitivity of a vintage tweed amp with the modern clarity of a Two-Rock. The Burnside will instantly give you that classic vibe and feel along with the reliability and performance of a new amplifier.

This amp features a pair of 6L6’s producing 28 watts, with a GZ34 tube rectifier, and a 12AY7 in the preamp. You can swap this tube with a 12AX7 to increase the available gain in the amplifier. The user-friendly front panel control layout features a Bright switch, GAIN, TREBLE, BASS, and PRESENCE controls. One of the great features of this amp, much like vintage tweed amps, is how the tone and volume controls interact with one another. At any volume, the gain is dependent on how hard you are attacking the strings, and when you turn the bass control all the way up, the bass imparts that horn-like, trombone low-end response.

This amp features a passive effects loop and 4, 8, and 16 OHM speaker outputs. The amp chassis is finished in an elegant bronze color with cream lettering, and we’ve made a departure from birch to pine cabinets for more of that vintage feel and attack.

Available in either a head with matching 1×12 cab, or a 1×12 combo configuration.
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