Gretsch G2187 Jumbo Acoustic Gig Bag



แบรนด์ : Gretsch


The Gretsch G2187 Jumbo Gig Bag offers the perfect protection for transporting jumbo-sized acoustic guitars with its thick interior padding and water-resistant outer shell. The bag is easy to lift and store thanks to a carry handle on the side and a sturdy backpack set. A generous accessory compartment also offers the possibility to transport sheet music and other accessories with the instrument. Last but not least, the guitar bag convinces with its beautiful beige look, which is perfectly rounded off by brown decorative edges.


Inside dimensions Gretsch G2187 Jumbo Gig Bag:

  • A: -
  • B1: Lower bout approx. 50 cm
  • B2: Upper bout approx. 38 cm
  • C: Total length approx. 112 cm
  • D: -
  • T: Depth approx. 11.5 cm
  • G: Empty weight approx. 1.48 kg
  • P: Padding approx. 10 mm

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