JHS Pedals Pollinator Germanium 4 Knobs Fuzz


Vintage-style Fuzz Pedal with Germanium AC128 Transistors, Bias Control, and Additional Gain Control

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In the late ‘60s, the Fuzz Face burst on the scene, delivering the gritty tones that continue to change the world today. In a lot of ways, JHS owes a debt to these tones as they helped kick off the effect pedal revolution. The Pollinator is our tip of the hat to this Germanium fuzz circuit. In JHS Pedals fashion, we included a few major improvements while caring for the details that preserve the original’s legendary tone. If you are a fan of classic fuzz and the unique touch sensitivity, response, and tone that a true Germanium fuzz offers, the Pollinator V2 is a perfect fit.

Legendary rock ‘n’ roll tone

If you want to add the sometimes thick, sometimes spitty, always glorious sounds of 1960s fuzz to your rig, the Pollinator V2 is the pedal for you. Inspired by the tones of the legendary Fuzz Face pedals, the Pollinator utilizes perfectly hand-matched germanium AC128 transistors to recall the tones used by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, and more.

JHS’s take on the fuzz tone that came to define the sound of 1960s rock ‘n’ roll
Perfectly matched Germanium AC128 transistors deliver that fat and smooth sound
Retains the ability to clean up beautifully by rolling back your guitar’s volume
Four controls with some added umph!

Once we felt we nailed the sound, we kept right on going. On top of killer-sounding fuzz, our Pollinator V2 sports a ton of headroom on the volume control. And the powerful Bias control voices the overall character of the fuzz - perfect for nailing the exact old-school buzz you’re looking for.

Added output allows you to crank the volume control, punishing the front of your amp
Bias control shapes the voice of the pedal’s grit
The Fuzz control interacts with the Gain knob for a huge variety of tones
Modern convenience

Every musician wants the nostalgia-inducing tones of vintage effects in their rig - that is, until they have to deal with the noise, hard-to-find replacement parts, or worse yet, having it stolen. So keep that precious original Fuzz Face at home and load the Pollinator V2 onto your pedalboard. Classic tone, powerful additions, and modern peace of mind all in one.

You won’t mind stomping on this rugged pedal
Bias control overcomes the issue of the transistors sounding different in various temperatures and environments (as all Germanium transistor-based fuzzes are subject to)
Easily replaceable if the unthinkable happens. As a matter of fact...just buy two!
Runs on a standard 9V power adapter
This pedal requires standard 9V DC Negative power, consumes less than 100mA, and measures 2.2"x4.3"x1.5".


V1 = 3 controls, green with red knobs

V2 = 4 controls, brown with maroon knobs, added Gain control


Controls : Volume Knob, Gain Knob, Fuzz Knob, Bias Knob
Connectors : Input, Output
Power Supply : 9 DC, 30mA

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