Walrus Audio Mako Series D1 V.2


High-Fidelity Delay


แบรนด์ : Walrus Audio


The D1 V2 digital delay pedal is the second iteration of Walrus Audio’s first entry into their Mako series, and it’s as infinitely tweakable as a digital delay pedal can get! This multifunction stompbox delivers five studio-grade programs — all tuned for the ultimate in high fidelity. It doesn’t matter what flavor of delay you’re reaching for — crystal-clear digital, swirling modulation-drenched, warm vintage-inflected tape delay — they’re all in there. The D1 V2 supplies complete control over your effect. With it, you can dial in your attack, craft otherworldly ambient soundscapes, explore various time subdivisions, and that’s just for starters! The D1 V2 boasts nine onboard presets, with a total of 128 available via MIDI, in addition to the V2’s new USB compatibility for updates. Tap tempo and dual tempo modes make keeping in sync a breeze, while multiple bypass modes enable you to specify how your repeats fade. You also get a momentary function that enables ear-grabbing ramp-up effects. Other new features included with the V2 are 2 types of stereo widening (hass and panning), retooled reverse mode for strong effects, revoicing of the vintage program to emulate a tape delay, and the replacement of the previous bit crusher effect on the digital program with a versatile overdrive feature. If you’re a delay connoisseur, the Walrus Audio D1 V2 is sure to please.

Pedal Type : Delay
Analog/Digital : Digital
Presets : 9 x User (128 via MIDI)
Effects : Digital, Modulation, Vintage, Dual, Reverse
Max Delay Time : 2000ms
Tap Tempo : Yes
Inputs : 2 x 1/4" (mono/stereo)
Outputs : 2 x 1/4" (mono/stereo)
MIDI I/O : In/Thru
USB : 1 x Type Micro-B
True Bypass : Yes
Bypass Switching : DSP+True, DSP
Power Source : 9V DC power supply (sold separately)
Power Usage : 300mA
Height : 2.52"
Width : 2.64"
Depth : 4.9"
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