Pigtronix is a leader among the second generation of American boutique pedal makers, redefining the stompbox for today’s musicians. Striving to push the dialog of musical effects forward, Pigtronix recognizes the value and relevance of classic vintage sounds as we focus on taking tone a step further. Based in Long Island, NY; Pigtronix is one of the fastest growing companies in the MI industry, with self contained design, manufacturing and distribution all under one roof. Our consistent growth is evident in the ever increasing number of Pigtronix products in the rigs of session musicians, touring professionals, and weekend warriors around the world.

Pigtronix provides musicians with a high end, USA made effects option that takes their music in new, creative directions.  Forward thinking design concepts, attractive artwork and informative packaging are all geared towards the growing market of sophisticated consumers who want to get significant mileage out of their pedal purchase. We take pride in our well earned reputation for accessibility and top notch customer service, aiding musicians everyday in their quest for unique sounds and sonic stimulation… so feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Get Pigtronix, get F.A.T. – Futuristic Analog Technology.