Brand - FODERA

Fodera Guitars was established in 1983 by Vinny Fodera, a skilled custom guitar builder (luthier) with an eye for creating beautiful instruments, and Joey Lauricella, a professional bass player with practical working experience about what makes good bass guitars.  With his hands-on knowledge of how good bass guitars felt and sounded, Joey’s pro-player perspective was the perfect complement to Vinny’s aesthetic talent at creating custom made electric guitars. Together, they set out on a mission to build distinctive, handmade instruments that played effortlessly and allowed artists to achieve tonal nuances unavailable from any other instrument on the market.  Simply put, they wanted to build an instrument that would look and sound phenomenal; a instrument that you just can’t put down.

Ever since opening the doors of its first small shop in Brooklyn, NY, Fodera Guitars has established itself as one of the most highly sought custom guitars in the world. Today, musicians travel from around the globe for Fodera custom bass and solid-body electric guitars.  From developing each instrument’s specifications according to a player’s unique style, to adorning the finished product with the signature inlaid butterfly logo, every craftsperson at Fodera is passionately committed to meticulous handwork and detail. Fodera Guitars is also proud to offer one of the largest selections of premium tone woods in the world.

Fodera Guitars is committed to hand-crafting electric guitars and basses of the highest caliber, using the best materials and processes available.  Equally important is Fodera’s commitment to the customer experience.  Every player who orders a Fodera instrument deserves an exceptional experience from start to finish.  These two simple things, commitment to quality and commitment to customers, inform and guide every decision that Fodera makes as a company.

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