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    Baby Blues Limited Edition

    The Rockbox™ Baby Blues™ Distortion / Boost is a new approach in creating vintage tones. With two distinct Vintage Distortion settings, Clean Boost, TrebleBoost, Gain, Drive and Tone controls, the Baby Blues™ provides over 16 different combinations of tone, which can be further modified by the Gain, Drive and Tone controls. We started with some…
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    Boiling Point Limited Edition

    The Rockbox Boiling Point is here at PGS. This custom made overdrive pedal from Rockbox Custom Effects is one of the most dynamic, versatile, and natural sounding pedals we have heard to date. The Rockbox Boiling Point features controls for Gain, Drive, and Tone. It also has two switches, one for a bass boost and…
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    Red Dog Limited Edition

    The Rockbox™ The Red Dog™ is a distinctive distortion pedal with volume and gain controls to easily dial in tones from a tweed-like overdrive to aggressive punch. The Red Dog was originally voiced to work best as an “always on” distortion and respond to picking dynamics and the volume knob on a guitar. In recent…