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    The Bufferlo is a little circuit that doesn’t colour your tone and neither boosts nor lowers the volume of your signal. It’s a unity gain amplifier which takes your high-impedance signal and makes it low-impedance again. The easiest method of finding out is to play through your normal rig (if you use long cables when…
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    Growly is a low gain overdrive, paired with the Owly booster and order switch for versatility. Features: Two independent MOSFET circuits True bypass Neutrik Jacks High quality 22AWG stranded wiring 9V DC negative center No battery support Switch between “Booster > OD” or “OD > Booster”
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    This is the new version of the Klone featuring a smaller enclosure and new diodes! This enclosure is a 1590B (61x112mm) as opposed to the previous one which was a 125B (66x121mm). Another change is that there are labels underneath the “gain” and “output” knobs so that there’s no misunderstanding. Every Klone features now a…
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    The Marbleverb V.2 reverb pedal has been highly improved over the previous version. This reverb pedal will deliver from short, subtle to long and lush reverbs. With three knobs you can dial in lots of different tones. First knob is a tone knob which affects the brightness of the reverb as well as impacts how…
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    Owly Booster

    V.2 of the Owly now features a PCB design where the footswitch is board mounted for maximum reliability! The Owly Booster is a great sounding little MOSFET booster that offers plenty of boost in a small package. It’s doubles also as a tone enhancer if used with minimum boost set. Use it to fatten up…