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    Boost Tiger

    Mr. Black’s Boost Tiger waits silently at your feet, poised with the primal power of an animal perfectly muscled to perform a single task. Its moment arrives, and with one feral step of graceful perfection, it roars into action with a clean, powerful attack as one of nature’s verities is unleashed on the unsuspecting. With…
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    Deluxe Plus

    The sun’s out and the surf’s up, broham. Load up the woodie, get down to the beach an kick off your kicks, we’re gonna have some fun today. Splish-splash with a dripping spring and ride the motion of the ocean with smooth bias-modulating tremolo. Do em one at a time, or two in tandem for…
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    Double Chorus

    Mr. Black’s new Double Chorus pours it on for deep, textured modulation not often heard on this planet. Four modulated delay lines create a warm, complex wash of fluid, pitch-shifting warble that lends extraordinary dimension to any guitar sound. The Mix control gives you the full sweep, from an all-dry, unaffected signal to an all-wet,…
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    Super Moon

    Space. The boundless mass above us all. Imagine your sound, drifting boundlessly through the galaxy. A celestial body warps its trajectory as planetary gravitational pulls steer it into momentary orbit. Millions of microscopic echoes converge into fluid dark matter, then gently evaporate into the black abyss.
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    Tunnel Worm

    That elusive, haunting, tubular sound known as Through-Zero Flanging has finally been captured, slathered in butter and shoe-horned into one bad-ass little pedal known as the TunnelWorm TZF. TunnelWorm can do a whole lot more than just through-zero flanging. A quick turn of the Zero knob and you can easily dial in a classic flanger,…