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    Gold 45/100

    The Gold 45/100 is the culmination of the search for the classic JTM 45/100 in a simple and cleanly executed pedal. Having had the good fortune to play extensively through an original JTM 45/100 and countless vintage plexi’s, I have always consider these crown jewels to be the sonic footprint of a generation. I have tweaked the…
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    Quickly becoming a “secret weapon” on pedal boards world wide! Place the Helium after your other overdrive pedals and you will be amazed at how it makes everything just sound better…fuller, richer and a presence that defies description! Stand alone, the Helium redefines what a great low-gain pedal is all about! The Helium is turning…
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    Jet Drive

    The Jetdrive provides a solution for players needing maximum tonal flexibility in a compact overdrive pedal. From the slightest addition of grit to searing overdrive, the Jetdrive covers a vast range of tonal options. All the juicy goodness that your guitar has to offer remains intact as the Jetdrive works its magic. From shimmering boost…
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    Red Shift

    Can’t decide if you want smooth and creamy or bold and aggressive? No problem at all with the Red Shift! A simple flip of the switch and you have a broad tonal palette available in a single pedal! The Red Shift was the result of wanting to offer a significant improvement to an already impressive…
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    Features - True four-stage classic light driven circuit. Each stage is electrically matched. Each unit individually calibrated for consistent performance. Modern circuit interpretation that retains the critical aspects of the classic vibe. High input impedance…it will not load down your guitar signal. Unity gain output…no fooling around with a volume control. Custom voicing circuit provides…