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  • Diago Commuter Soft Bag Pedal Board

    The Diago Commuter features the very same super-grippy pedal carpet that Diago use on their hardcase pedalboards. Unlike some poor-quality carpet, this type does not deteriorate or become fluffy with repeated removal of pedals – it’ll remain grippy for the lifetime of the board. When the self-adhesive hook tape is applied properly, your pedals will not come loose,…
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    Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain

    Power an additional 6 pedals with your Powerstation or Micropower9. Tech Spec Model :  Diago PS02 Deluxe Daisy Chain Input (Socket) :  2.1mm Centre-Negative Barrel Plug Output (Plug)  :  6 x 2.1mm Angled Centre-Negative Barrel Plug Plug Length :  12mm Cable Specification  :  3A max What It Does  : • 6 x right angled 2.1mm…
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    Diago Gigman Hard Case Pedal Board

    Diago PB02 Gigman Features (600 x 300mm) - Hold 8-10 pedals - Made of strong half-inch plywood covered with black heavy-duty fabric - Rubber feet underneath and one side of case - All corners armor-protected - Two heavy-duty catches with lock ring - Handle slides back into position when not in use - Two quick-release hinges…
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    Diago Isolator Adaptor

    The Diago Isolator will work with any 9V DC guitar effects pedal that draws 110mA of current or less. The Isolator follows the Boss plug convention of 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plugs, the same as our Powerstation, Micropower9 & Deluxe Daisy Chain. If you need a different plug type, you can use one of our coloured…
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    Diago Little Smasher 5W Guitar Amp Head

    The Diago Little Smasher is an amazingly lively and dynamic 5-Watt guitar amp head squeezed into a pedal-sized enclosure. It’s ideal for small gigs, studio and home use, with more than enough volume to annoy the neighbours. The Diago Little Smasher combines the responsive tone and immediate simplicity of the most sought after amps; with…
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    Diago Patchfactory

    The Diago Patchfactory allows you to build custom length patch cables, without additional tools or specialist skills. Anybody can build a flawless cable. Design your perfect Pedalboard. Custom-length patch cables allow you to lay out your pedalboard exactly how you want. No longer will you be constrained by the discrete lengths your local store stocks.…

  • Diago Powerstation

    The Diago Powerstation is the ultimate pedal board power supply. It will power from 1 to 30 pedals without noise or hum. Powering multiple effects pedals has long been a problem, and there are many power supplies available at varying costs, quality, compatibility and performance. Most pedal power supplies are transformer type, linear regulated designs, which are…
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    Diago PS03 Green Adaptor

    The Green Adaptor allows you to use the Diago Powerstation Pedal Board Power Supply to power pedals that require a centre-positive, 2.5mm barrel plug
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    Diago PS04 Blue Adaptor

    Reverses polarity to a positive tip, 3.5mm (1/8″) mini jack plug Buy as many as you need, one for each pedal Just plugs on to your existing daisy chain cable
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    Diago PS05 Red Adaptor

    The Diago PS05 Red Adaptor allows you to use pedals with a 2.1mm barrel centre positive connection with your Diago Powerstation. It features one standard 2.1mm socket which adapts to a 2.1mm centre positive plug.
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    Diago Showman Hard Case Pedal Board

    The Diago PB03 Showman Pedal Board is the most convenient way to organize, protect and transport your effects pedals. With the ability to fit 12-16 pedals, it is the perfect size for many effects setups. It combines a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making it ideal for transporting your gear between home,…
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    Diago Tourman Hard Case Pedal Board

    A Diago Pedal Board is the most convenient way to organise, protect and transport your effects pedals. It combines a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making it ideal for transporting your gear between home, gigs and practices. It makes set-up and take-down quick and easy, and is great for storing your pedals…