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    Duality Fuzz

    The Duality Fuzz is a combination of two totally independent fuzz circuits! Our signature Duality knob allows selecting and blending between a classic sounding, saw-tooth shape shifting circuit and a high gain, thick and brutal one. You can use them individually or blend them for a wide selection of crazy and wild textures and voicings.…
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    Microtubes B3K

    The newest Microtubes B3K revision features great upgrades! Same tone, greater reliability, Relay true bypass and 100% handmade in the USA.
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    Microtubes B7K Preamp/DI

    The Microtubes B7K Bass Preamp/DI Pedal is the meanest beast of the family, and probably the mos flexible and versatile Bass Overdrive out there! It features all the handy features of it’s little brother and much more! One of the amazing improvements is the musical four band EQ which rises-up exponentially the amount of tonal…
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    Vintage Microtubes Overdrive

    The Microtubes Vintage is designed as a distortion pedal and as a way of recreating the characteristics of various tube amps from the ’60s to the present. It does this courtesy of the Era control, a neat little feature that, very simply put, allows you to select from a wide range of frequency settings that…