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    Frank Boost/Low gain Overdrive

    FRANK is an LED based, low-gain boost/overdrive utilizing a Burr Brown op-amp to achieve a saturated amplifier-like drive without over-coloring your tone. With the Gain knob on its lowest setting, FRANK can be used as a gorgeous and sparkly clean boost. Turn the gain a little past noon and FRANK will start to push your…
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    Loaf Silicon Fuzz

    While taking it’s inspiration from 60′s & 70′s fuzzes, The BIG EAR n.y.c. LOAF is a far cry from your daddy’s fuzz box.  This silicon fuzz is truly it’s own beast! The world doesn’t need anymore Big Muff or Fuzz Face clones, so when we started designing the LOAF we took a different approach entirely. …
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    Wood Cutter Rat Based Distortion

    Based on a specific set of distortion pedals, the WOODCUTTER is our homage to a certain 308-loaded Kalamazoo classic. This modern take is sure to keep the legacy alive! We reverse engineered (BIG EAR n.y.c. owner) Grant Wilson’s personal 1988 “woodcutter” in order to bring its unique and magical sound to you. After owning and…