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  • Big Bends AXS Mit

    Big Bends AXS Mit Micro fibers are 100 times smaller than human hair, 30 times smaller than cotton and 10 times smaller than silk. Axs Mits literally suck up dust and dirt. The Big Bends logo is imprinted with a new process called sublimation, and cannot be felt. Axs Wipes can be washed and reused…

  • Big Bends AXS Wipes

    Big Bends® AXS Wipes® are the very highest optical grade Microfiber!. 144 square inches Over 70,000 fibers per square inch Highest quality microfiber. Over 70,000 fibers per sq. inch. Each fiber 10 x finer than silk. No stitches to mar finish Ultrasonic cut edges – no fraying Wash and reuse 100′s of times.

  • Big Bends Fretboard Juice 1 oz.

    Fret Board Juice differs from most other fretboard dressings in that it is 100% pure white mineral oil. It is a safe cleaner and moisturizer without any solvents (lemon, citric, etc.) that can loosen instrument frets and inlays over time. 1 oz. bottle.

  • Big Bends Nut Sauce Groove Luber 1.5cc

    Stops problems with string breakage and pitch drift. Easy to apply accurately and mess-free with the Groove-Luber applicator. Used by top players and techs! 1.5cc tube.

  • Big Bends Nut Sauce Lil Luber Ultra 0.5cc

    The Nut Sauce filled Lil Luber applicator is the perfect tool to end pitch drift and problem string breakage. Comes with instructions, an ultra fine-point microbrush for ease of application and clean-up, 1 sticker, and a resealable zip bag. When used correctly 1 Lil Luber will treat 50-75 strings.

  • Big Bends String Sleeves

    Stops string breakage at the bridge plate! Pack includes 7 tough yet pliable PVC sleeves in 3 diameters to custom-fit any gauge string set. Comes with illustrated step by step instructions. Each String Sleeve can be reused through many string changes. Protects against breakage and prolongs the life of instrument strings.
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    Tech Station

    The Tech Station provides a soft, but sturdy platform to change strings, polish and trick out your instruments. Work mat measures 19″x29″x3/16″, has a non-slip back with a safe felt work surface. Graphics are sublimated to be invisible to the touch.The portion of the mat that supports the instrument is black to allow you to…